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First Steps

Okay………so here I am, about to embark on a journey.  Most likely a two fold journey.  One path in my travels will be following the craft side, especially Hardanger and hand embroidery, with some crochet thrown into the mix. The other path will be along the blogging side and web design, which I have been keen to learn about for some time.

I will admit that the craft side has been very lax lately. While working on my current hardanger piece, I  discovered that apparently I can’t count. I have stitched the same section of Kloster blocks  at least 3 times and have been 1 thread out each time.  I have also discovered that I dislike reverse stitching (as DH calls it or unpicking). This piece has been thrown into the depths of the craft cupboard.  I haven’t touched a needle and thread for at least 12 months, and I do miss it.  So it is time to start again. 🙂

I would also like to start the Take a Stitch Tuesday (or TAST) Challenge, started by Sharon B However, I don’t think I will be able to follow week by week, as real life tends to get in the way. I would love to make a fabric book with the samples I stitch.

I’m also not going to make claims that I will update this blog every week. This blog will get updated when time permits. My ideal plan would be that I anticipate that I maintain an update at least once a month. 😉

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